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An Effective Market Research Tool for eBay

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Consumer products
Thousands of Niches
Discover the most selling products and hot niches on ebay with just one click. We have over a thousand of niches for you to explore!.
Know Your Competition
Find markets with high demand and low supply. Avoid markets saturated with sellers. See how likely you will sell. Know the perfect price point.
Competition analysis
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Looking for keywords
Build Powerful Titles
The keywords in a listing title determine where it appears in search results. Optimize titles by adding related keywords, so your listings rank higher and receive more exposure. With Ensellify, you won't be missing any good keyword.
Keep Up With Trends
Markets react to seasons, events and news. For example, people tend to buy watches before Valentine but Scarves before Winter. When using Ensellify you are always up to date about what's in demand!.
Tiny people around a clock
"Ensellify is just the right tool for me to boost profits and save my time."
Thilina Abeysinghe, Entrepreneur
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Revenue. Not Sales!
Revenue matters over the number of sales. You can profit more by selling one t-shirt, than selling hundred needles!. Revenue is a first class citizen in Ensellify.
A table of revenue, sales and price
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Available for Windows, MacOS & GNU/Linux